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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

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Whether you’re into player props, team props, or novelty props, there’s no denying that prop bets are extremely fun and exciting wagers.

And even though props are thought to be secondary wagers mainly meant for entertainment, they can still prove to be a profitable betting avenue if approached correctly.

On Betway sportsbook, bettors can look forward to a splendid variety of props, ranging from player-related alternatives to wagers that focus on extremely niche and peculiar occurrences.

To help spice up your prop wagering on the site, we’ve put together a comprehensive betting guide.

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How To Place A Prop Bet On Betway

Once you’ve created a Betway betting account, just follow these simple steps whenever you want to place a prop wager:

  • Launch the Betway Sportsbook app
  • Select your preferred sport
  • Choose one of the upcoming games
  • Choose the prop category you’re interested in.
  • Choose your desired category, and a list of prop bets will appear.
  • Head over to the bet slip to submit your stake.
  • Place your prop wager

Prop Builder

Prop builders are becoming increasingly popular in the betting world.

With this feature, the sportsbook places the prop-building responsibility in your hands, allowing you to craft unique, custom props.

Some prop builders won’t restrict the types of props you can build, but most sites will limit you to custom player props.

Needless to say, a prop builder is a pretty handy and fascinating tool.

Unfortunately, Betway currently lacks this feature, so you just have to rely on the range of props that are listed by the sportsbook.

What Is A Prop Bet?

Proposition wagers—or props, as most bettors simply call them—tend to focus on relatively unique occurrences.

Rather than backing the winner of a game or who’s going to cover the spread, in a prop bet, a bettor can wager on the game’s first scorer or something unique like the total number of fouls during the first quarter.

Truthfully, prop bets are undefinable in nature and can manifest in a plethora of ways.

For that reason, bettors need to go for sportsbooks that give them as many prop betting avenues as possible.

Player Props

Player props are an extremely popular prop-betting alternative.

In these wagers, a bettor’s focus is on a specific player’s performance.

Essentially, you’ll always be betting on player-related stats such as goals, points, touchdowns, assists, and a host of other stats.

One reason why player props are popular is that such wagers allow bettors to focus on an individual’s performance rather than the entire team.

For example, let’s say you bet on Player X to score 3 touchdowns.

If Player X’s team ends up losing the game but the player still manages to notch three touchdowns, you’ll still win your wager.

With that in mind, here are a few real-life examples of player props you can place on Betway:

  • Chris Kreider Anytime Goalscorer (+130)
  • Dorian Finney-Smith Over 6.5 Assists and Rebounds (+110)
  • Kevin De Bruyne to Score a Goal (+120)

In the first wager, the Human Eclipse, Chris Kreider, simply needs to score a goal at any time during the game.

The second wager, an NBA player prop, focuses on assists and rebounds.

Dorian Finney-Smith has to notch 7 or more assists and rebounds for the bet to land. Finally, Man City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne just needs to score a goal.

Let’s say you choose to back the Dorian Finney-Smith wager and decide to risk $100 on it.

If the power forward gets 5 rebounds and 3 assists—which brings the combined total of both stats to 8—your $100 wager will yield a $110 profit, giving you a total payout of $210.

Team Props

Similar to player props, team props focus on stats and unique achievements.

The core difference, however, is that team props deal with team-related stats.

So you’re still going to deal with stats like touchdowns, goals, points, assists, corners, etc.

Alternatively, you may come across a team prop that’s in the form of a yes or no proposition.

Here are a few common examples of team props that are commonly offered by sportsbooks like Betway:

  • Memphis Grizzlies Over 110.5 Points (+200)
  • West Ham United F.C. Over 1.5 Team Goals (+100)

In the first bet, if the Memphis Grizzlies record 111+ points, then an NBA bettor who’d risked $300 on this team totals bet will gain a profit of $600.

The second wager is a soccer bet that hinges on goals. For the wager to win, English side West Ham United need to score 2 or more team goals.

If you risk $100 on this team and they end up scoring over 2 goals, you’ll end up with a $100 profit.

Game Props

Most game props focus on stats and incidents involving both of the competing teams.

Such props tend to deal with things like the expected margin of victory, the total number of fouls in the game, whether overtime will be needed, or whether the combined total points of both teams will be even or odd.

Here are some great examples of NBA props that you’ll find on Betway:

  • Golden State Warriors to Win By 1-6 Points
  • Will the Game Go Into Overtime?
  • The Half With the Most Points? The 1st Half or the 2nd Half?
  • Both Teams to Score 100+ Points?

Novelty Props

Novelty props are perfect for bettors who are into wacky wagers or for those looking to deviate from game-related bets.

These props are immensely popular during notable events like the Super Bowl.

As you can expect, such wagers deal with extremely niche occurrences, allowing you to bet on things that don’t even concern the big game.

A sportsbook may not offer novelty props week in, week out, but during the Super Bowl, you can look forward to some exotic wagers.

Here are a few examples of such wagers:

  • The Exact Length Of The National Anthem
  • How Many Songs Will Singer A Perform During The Halftime Show?
  • Which Company Will Air The First Super Bowl Ad?
  • The Color Of The Gatorade Shower

Prop Betting Strategy

Props have a special appeal that makes them fun and exciting.

If you’re astute enough, you can also turn prop betting into a profitable betting alternative.

To help you achieve this, here are a few strategies you can use and betting rules you should know.

Always Reference Stats

A lot of bettors wrongly disregard stats when they are placing props.

Truthfully, most prop bets, even the yes or no propositions, still deal with stats.

If you want to gain an edge over the sportsbook and increase your chances of winning, you still need to conduct the required amount of research by combing through relevant statistics.

Don’t Rely Too Much On Luck-Based Props

It’s perfectly okay to place a luck-based prop, such as the coin toss, every once in a while.

However, since such props heavily hinge on luck—which is out of your control—it’s better to go for props that you can handicap.

This will end up increasing your chances of winning since you’ll be relying on your betting knowledge instead of waiting for lady luck to smile down on you.

Limit Your Investment

Props are really fun, but they are also harder to nail down compared to other betting markets.

For this reason, it might be wise to limit your investment in props and place that cash in other profitable alternatives that don’t have too much variance, e.g., moneyline bets or point spreads.

You can still place props occasionally, but, to maximize profit, such bets shouldn’t be the core focus of your betting strategy.

Propositions are a perfect bet to include in your next same game parlay at Betway.

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