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Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded every time you make a deposit? Well, with a reload bonus, you can earn extra cash just by topping up your betting account.

The best thing about reload bonuses is that, unlike deposit match bonuses, they are given to loyal bettors instead of new customers.

So the next that you have to fund your account after an unexpected loss, a reload bonus may help soften the blow.

Interested in finding out more about reload bonuses? Read on!

What Is A Reload Bonus?

Reloading in sports betting simply means depositing funds into your betting account.

Reload bonuses are quite similar to deposit match bonuses, i.e., you receive a bonus when you top up your betting account.

The major difference between the two is that reload bonuses are awarded to existing users while deposit match bonuses mainly target new customers. Also, deposit match bonuses tend to deal with larger amounts than reload bonuses.

What To Look For When Choosing An Online Reload Bonus?

Reload bonuses are great, but, like any other bonus, you always need to ensure you’re getting a great deal. Here are a few things that a bettor needs to consider when it comes to reload bonuses:

The amount you’ll receive – Percentages are involved with this bonus, meaning that you may need to whip out your calculator to calculate the amount you’ll potentially receive if you deposit a certain amount.

How many deposits you can make – Most reload bonuses aren’t awarded once like other offers. In a lot of reload bonuses, the sportsbook will allow you to deposit as many times as possible during a specified period.

Some may limit you to a certain number of deposits, so you need to check the terms to know the type of deal you’re getting.

Whether the bonus is being offered by a reputable sportsbook – This isn’t a welcome bonus, so you’re probably already signed up to the site that’s offering you this bonus (and you’ve hopefully done your homework in this case).

However, you may see a different site with a great reload bonus, tempting you to sign up to enjoy a similar offer in the future. In such a situation, you need to research the sportsbook to ensure that it’s a reputable one before you give them any of your sign-up details.

How Reload Bonuses Work

As we’ve already mentioned, with reload bonuses, you receive a bonus whenever you make a deposit. They are different from free bet bonuses which you get without making a deposit. The amount you’ll receive will always depend on the percentage advertised and the limit set by the sportsbook.

Let’s use the following example to help you understand this bonus better: Receive a 25% reload bonus for every deposit that you make within the next 24 hours, worth up to $500.

This simply means that every deposit made within the stated time, 24 hours, will trigger a 25% bonus.

For instance, if you make 5 deposits, each worth $100 each, you’ll receive a $25 bonus every time, meaning that the total bonus you’ll receive is $125.

As per the terms of the above bonus, the maximum you can receive during this promotional period is $500.

Advantages Of A Reload Bonus

Some advantages of reload bonuses include:

  • This bonus targets loyal bettors, so you get rewarded for your loyalty.
  • You get rewarded for funding your account, something you would have still done even without the incentive of a bonus.
  • If you increase your deposit, you can get a larger bonus.

Disadvantages Of A Reload Bonus

On the other hand, bettors may not like the following things regarding reload bonuses:

  • Usually deals with small percentages, forcing bettors to make many deposits if they wish to earn the maximum amount.
  • Many top sportsbooks rarely offer reload bonuses.
  • Usually not offered to new bettors

Restrictions Around Reload Bonuses

As is custom with sports betting bonuses, sportsbooks usually implement certain restrictions to safeguard their operations and prevent any possible exploitation of their bonuses.

Here are a few restrictions that are common with reload bonuses:

Each reload bonus has a maximum amount – The sportsbook will always state the maximum you can receive from a reload bonus.

For instance, in the example we gave above, you could fund your betting account as many times as possible during the 24-hour promotional period, but the maximum you could receive from that reload promo was $500.

Specific periods – A lot of reload bonuses deal with set periods rather than restricting you to one deposit. For example, you may receive a reload bonus for every deposit that you make from 8 am to 6 pm on a certain day of the week.

Minimum deposit – Sportsbooks will always set a minimum deposit amount that they’ll match. This is usually around $20-$25, though the exact amount will depend on the sportsbook and the specific terms of the promo.

Any deposits less than the stated minimum will not trigger a bonus. For example, let’s say that a sportsbook is awarding bonuses for deposits of $25 or more. If you deposit $20, which is less than the set minimum, you won’t receive a bonus.

How To Get A Reload Bonus

A lot of sportsbooks give reload bonuses to existing users, meaning that you may need to have registered for a certain amount of time for you to be eligible for this bonus.

Some loyalty programs also reward bettors with various bonuses, and one of those could be a reload bonus.

If possible, check the rewards listed by your sportsbook’s loyalty program to see the bonuses and promos that are given to participating members.

Gambling Sites With A Reload Bonus

None of the listed sites has a reload bonus currently.

What Are The Best Reload Bonuses For Existing Users?

At the time of writing, none of the top sportsbooks have a reload bonus for existing users.