Bettings Sites App Bonus

Bettings Sites App Bonus

In the past, if you wanted to place a bet, you had to drive to the nearest retail sportsbook. For some, this meant going to a different state; a complicated hassle for a quick and simple activity.

Luckily, the process is more streamlined these days. Thanks to the state-by-state legalization of sports betting and the growth of online gambling, bettors can simply place bets from the luxury of their homes by downloading sports betting apps.

Betting sites are fully aware of such advantages, and that’s why many of them will reward you with app-related bonuses for simply downloading and using their app.

There are other essential things you need to know regarding app bonuses, as well as other types of betting offers, and we’re going to cover all of them in this comprehensive guide.

What Is An App Bonus?

An app bonus is a reward given to a bettor who downloads a betting app and, in most cases, uses it to sign up.

Though most app bonuses target new users, it’s not uncommon for sportsbooks to reward existing users with app bonuses.

What To Look For When Choosing An Online App Bonus?

If you want to go for an app bonus, always consider the following factors:

Wagering Requirements – How many times do you need to bet the bonus before you can cash out your winnings? If the wagering requirements are high, you need to avoid such bonuses since you’ll never be able to fulfill such extreme play-through requirements.

The Bonus Amount You’re Receiving – Since you’re most likely registering on the site offering you the app bonus as a first-time user, you need to consider the amount you’ll receive.

Of course, it’s better to go for a low bonus amount that isn’t restrictive, but if you can get a higher amount without sacrificing such factors, we suggest going for it.

The Site Offering You The App Bonus – The market is flooded with many sites; some are good, others are scams. The only way you can differentiate the good from the bad is by researching and comparing sites before you sign up.

Whenever possible, always opt for legal and regulated sites, especially if you’re aiming for a worry-free betting experience.

How App Bonuses Work

It’s fair to say that a majority of sports bettors prefer to place bets online, especially those in states with legalized online betting.

To take advantage of this convenience, sportsbooks offer app bonuses to bettors to incentivize betting via mobile.

So if you want to enjoy an app bonus, you first need to download the app, then use it to create your sports betting account.

You may need to use an affiliate link or a valid promo code during the registration process, but it’s become customary for sportsbooks to reward bettors with a bonus once they sign up.

Advantages Of An App Bonus

Some advantages of app bonuses include:

  • Bettors get rewarded for simply downloading an app
  • These days, betting via mobile is more convenient than other methods
  • A lot of app-related offers reward bettors with hefty bonuses
  • App bonuses reward both iOS and Android users

Disadvantages Of An App Bonus

Despite the above advantages, app bonuses have the following drawbacks:

  • High rollover requirements are common with such bonuses
  • App bonuses mainly target new users instead of loyal ones
  • A lot of app sign-up bonuses lure bettors into depositing and risking more money

Restrictions Around App Bonuses

Sportsbooks may be eager to reward bettors with bonuses, but they still need to protect their operations from possible exploitation. The easiest way to do this is by including certain restrictions in every promo that they offer.

Here are some common restrictions that usually accompany most app bonuses:

A single user per household – It’s easy for members of the same family to exploit a bonus offer, so most betting sites will usually limit app sign-up bonuses to one user per household.

This means that if a different family member from your house claims an offer, then you can’t enjoy the same promo.

Wagering requirements still apply – You may think that you’ll run away with the funds after the sportsbook credits you with the bonus, but you still have to meet certain wagering requirements before you’re allowed to withdraw the bonus.

You can’t cash out your bonus – These days, many sportsbooks allow bettors to cash out bets that have already been placed.

This simply means settling a bet before the outcome has been decided. With bonuses, however, almost all sportsbooks prevent bettors from cashing out bets placed using bonus funds.

Bettors only receive the winnings – When you place a bet using bonus funds, most sportsbooks will only reward you with the winnings. So the original bonus amount you used to place the bet won’t be included in your total payout.

How To Get An App Bonus

Getting an app bonus is quite easy. You first need to scour the internet for sites that have app bonuses. If you conduct your research properly, you should find a few sites with great app bonuses.

Instead of signing up on several sites simultaneously, compare the sites in question and choose the best one. Don’t worry, if you end up disliking the sportsbook, you can still switch allegiances in the future.

Once you’ve decided on a particular sportsbook, you need to download the app on your phone or tablet.

Once you do so, sign up, verify your account by sending valid identification documents, and then claim the app sign-up bonus.

List Of Sites With An App Bonus

None of the betting sites has an app-specific bonus currently.

What Are The Best App Bonuses For Existing Users?

Currently, none of the sites have listed an app bonus for existing users.