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How To Bet Same Game Parlay On BetRivers


Updated: Aug 7, 2023


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Straight bets may be the default way that most bettors place wagers, but parlays are another popular alternative.

If you’re unsure of what a parlay is, it’s simply a combined bet that features two or more selections.

Parlays come in different varieties.

You can create parlays that focus on props, point spreads, totals, moneylines, or a combination of all four.

At BetRivers, you can even build parlays that feature bets from the same game.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll focus on the types of parlays that the BetRivers sportsbook allows you to build, and we’ll also cover a few tips that will help you profit from your parlays.

How To Bet Same Game Parlay On BetRivers App

Bettors looking to place a parlay bet at BetRivers just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Create an account at the BetRivers app.
  • Choose the games that you want to bet on by going to the sports menu.
  • Parlays need a minimum of two selections, so ensure that you select at least two bets.
  • Head over to the bet slip to see all the bets that you’ve selected.
  • Review the total odds of the parlay.
  • Enter your stake on the bet slip.
  • Press the “Place Bet” button to confirm and place your parlay.

Parlay Builder

A parlay builder is a simple feature that helps you build, create, and place same-game parlays.

On BetRivers specifically, you can create same-game parlays with ease. Just choose the game that you want to bet on, and then head over to the tab titled “Same Game Parlay”.

Once there, you’ll see all the available selections that can be used to create a same-game parlay.

Currently, you can only build same-game parlays on select sports and events.

What Is A Parlay Bet?

Parlays are wagers that feature a combination of bets, hence the reason why they are called multi-bets or accumulators in other different regions.

For example, instead of placing three separate wagers on the Yankees (-150), the Cubs (+120), and the Cincinnati Reds (+150), you can place all three teams into a parlay that is priced at +817.

Since you’re also multiplying the odds of all three teams, you’ll end up with a heftier payout.

However, the key thing to note regarding parlays is that all the selections need to be correct for you to win your bet.

In our example, if the Yankees and the Reds win their respective games but the Cubs end up losing, such a bet will be settled as a loss.

Parlays can contain as many selections, or legs, as you want. The minimum number of selections needed to create a parlay is two, while the maximum will depend on the sportsbook’s limit.

BetRivers Same Game Parlay

Can you do the same game parlay on BetRivers? Yes, you can.

Same-game parlays, aka SGP, are parlays containing bets from a single game, hence the name same-game parlay.

Though such parlays were very rare in the past, a couple of sportsbooks now allow bettors to place same-game parlays. Luckily, BetRivers is one of those sportsbooks.

As we mentioned, it’s very easy to create same-game parlays on BetRivers.

Just make sure that the game that you’re betting on has a tab titled “Same Game Parlay”, otherwise, you won’t be able to build a same-game parlay.

If you’re curious about what a same-game parlay looks like, here’s an example:

  • Atlanta Falcons Moneyline (-150)
  • Cordarrelle Patterson First Touchdown Scorer (+300)
  • Parlay odds: +567

If you bet $100 on the above same-game parlay, you’ll win $567 if both these events happen: Cordarrelle Patterson scores the first touchdown of the game and the Atlanta Falcons emerge victorious.

Same Game Parlay Rules

#1 Rule: If any leg of a Same-Game Parlay bet relates to an existing market on-site, rules for that market will apply.

For example, if a Same-Game Parlay bet includes a player to score an anytime touchdown & the selected player scores only scores via passing touchdowns, this bet will be graded a loser because the Anytime Touchdown Scorer rules do not include touchdowns scored as a passer.

#2 Rule: If any leg of the Same-Game Parlay bet is made void or settles as a push, then the whole bet would become a void or a push.

The exception to this is if the outcome of the bet requested can still happen.

#3 Rule: A Same-Game Parlay bet may contain up to 10 legs. Same-Game Parlays do not support wagers with more than 10 legs.

#4 Rule: A Same-Game Parlay bet must be placed from a single game. Same-Game Parlay wagers cannot be combined across multiple games.

#5 Rule: If part of the bet requested consists of one of two named players to score at any time during a game, bets placed on that market will stand if one or both of those players play any part in that game.

If BetRivers’ same game parlay isn’t working and you are not able to create a betting ticket we recommend to get in touch with the customer service via live chat.

Player Parlay

As the name suggests, a player parlay purely focuses on player props.

Since player props allow bettors to focus on stats and achievements concerning individual players, the result of the game won’t matter in this type of parlay.

This reduces the pressure and allows you to narrow your focus to other niche aspects of the game.

You can also place player parlays on BetRivers. Here’s one such example of a player parlay:

  • Cordarrelle Patterson To Score A Touchdown (+105)
  • Franz Wagner, Over 18.5 Points (-110)
  • Gyasi Zardes, Over 2.5 Goals (+300)
  • Parlay odds: +1465

If you risk $100 on this 3-leg player parlay and all three players record the above stats, then you’ll walk away with a staggering profit of $1,465.

Moneyline Parlay

In a moneyline parlay, every team that you select simply needs to win.

Arguably, moneyline parlays are the most straightforward parlays that you can build since the result of the game is the sole determiner, unlike player parlays and point spread parlays where each selection depends on the line that the bookies set.

Obviously, if two teams are playing against each other, then your moneyline parlay can only include one of those teams.

Here’s a simple example of a moneyline parlay:

  • Columbus Crew -120
  • Atlanta Falcons -130
  • Orlando Magic -200
  • Parlay odds: +387

If Columbus Crew, Atlanta Falcons, and Orlando Magic all win their games, then you can expect to win $38.7 from a $10 stake.

Visit our guide to learn more about the betting moneyline at BetRivers Sportsbook.

Point Spread Parlay

As you can guess by now, every team that you place into your point spread parlay simply needs to cover the spread.

If one of your selections fails to do so, then the parlay will be settled as a loss.

You can place a point spread parlay that solely features favorites, or you can create one that focuses on underdogs.

Alternatively, you can mix things up and create a point spread parlay that features both underdogs and favorites.

Here’s a 2-leg point spread parlay that features one favorite and one underdog:

  • Philadelphia Eagles -5.5 (-110)
  • Tennessee Titans +2.5 (-110)
  • Parlay odds: +264

Let’s say that you place a $100 wager on the above-point spread parlay. If both the Eagles and the Titans cover the spread, then you’ll win $264.

Over/Under Parlay

While some bettors like to bet on the winner of the game or whoever covers the spread, others prefer to focus on the game’s total points.

If you’re one of those, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can create a parlay that focuses on your preferred market.

In an over/under parlay, you’re simply betting on whether the total points in each selection will be over or under the line that the bookies set.

You can easily create an over/under parlay on BetRivers. Here’s an example:

  • Detroit Lions At Atlanta Falcons – Over 39.5 (-110)
  • New York Giants At Jacksonville Jaguars – Under 41.5 (-110)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Las Vegas Raiders – Over 37.5 (-110)
  • Parlay Odds: +596

If all three NFL totals turn out as predicted, then an NFL bettor who risks $200 can expect to win $1,192.

Parlay Betting Strategy

Betting strategies can make or break your bankroll. If you want to profit from parlay betting, your best bet is to use proven strategies that increase the chances of winning your parlays.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out with your parlay-betting endeavors plus give you detailed info on the betting rules at BetRivers.

Here are a few indispensable strategies that will help you create profitable parlays:

The Smaller The Better

When building parlays, bettors are always tempted to include as many selections as possible. Most bettors do this to boost the odds of the parlay.

Sadly, this is a trap that many bettors fall for. Remember, the more teams that your parlay has, the greater the risk of losing that bet.

We suggest that you keep your parlays small. A parlay with 2-4 selections is not only realistic but safe as well. So make sure that any parlays that you place don’t exceed this range.

Hedge Your Parlays

Hedging is a safe and smart tactic that should always be in your betting arsenal.

If you want to make money from parlay betting, then you need to hedge your bets in appropriate scenarios.

For instance, let’s say that your parlay is down to the final leg. Instead of letting the parlay run, you should hedge your bet.

This will help you secure a profit, which is better than letting the parlay run and settling for nothing.

Build And Place Correlated Parlays

In correlated parlays, all the selections in your multi-bet are somewhat connected.

This means that the result of one bet loosely depends on the result of another wager.

For example, if you expect Team A—a 9.5 point favorite—to cover the spread, you can also include a bet on the over since the team needs a lot of points to cover the spread.

So if they do end up covering the spread, it’s highly likely that the game will produce enough points to cover the over as well.

Why don’t you include prop bets in your next same game parlay at BetRivers?


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