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How To Signup For Bet365 Sportsbook


Sadonna Price

Updated: May 5, 2022

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Bet365 is a premium sports betting operator, offering a range of betting markets and odds to sports fans in a secure gaming environment.

Know Your Customer or KYC procedures are essential to becoming a member at bet365 sportsbook as well as other operators offering similar services across the United States.

Before setting up an account, an ID verification process must be completed, along with KYC.

As a new member of bet365, specific verification steps must be completed to ensure that your identity is correct.

You may be confused about the process or concerned that your personal information is not secure. We are here to tell you that it is, and the steps you need to take are quick and painless.

Follow our guide below to gain insight into KYC, including how to sign up and what documents are needed to complete the process.

How To Sign Up At Bet365 Sportsbook

  • Access the bet365 sportsbook.
  • Click join now and fill out the registration form. Your name, date of birth, address, and social security number are all required. Aristotle and LexisNexis are verification providers used by bet365 to check your identity.
  • All players must pass the verification process to deposit and withdraw funds. If the information you provide does not work, you are given a chance to enter your details.
  • A copy of identity documents may be further requested for verification, including a copy of your driver’s license or state ID, along with proof of address.
  • Once the verification process is complete, you are free to deposit funds and place sports bets.

What Counts As A KYC Document?

Most online sports betting providers accept a driver’s license or state ID as a form of identification. However, other methods that may be accepted include:

  • Voter ID card
  • University ID card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate

Be sure to check the expiration date of your driver’s license or state ID card. The card must be in date to be considered a valid form of ID.

What Is KYC & ID Verification?

Essentially, KYC and ID verification are processes that ensure you are the individual you say you are.

Every person born in the United States has a social security number and an ID once they reach driving age or apply for a state ID.

Online sportsbooks require these government documents to ensure that the correct individual is signing up for an online account.

Why Is ID Verification So Important For Online Sportsbooks?

State sports betting regulators require operators to complete ID verification of every new member for a few reasons.

First, players must be 21 or older to gamble, so the check ensures the age limit is reached. Secondly, the process helps avoid identity theft, protecting the player from harm.

The process also ensures that the operator follows the guidelines set forth by local regulators.

Anti-Money Laundering

Regulators require ID verification to ensure criminal activity is not taking place via operator services, such as money laundering.

Criminals often use gambling sites or casinos as a way to launder funds. The KYC and ID verification steps are required to cut down on this type of activity taking place in the US.

Fraud Prevention

Identity theft is a real threat among consumers, with sports betting regulators wanting to ensure that patrons are not subject to such issues via betting sites.

A criminal that has stolen another person’s identity is less likely to be able to create an online account due to the KYC and ID checks. The individual must have the person’s social security number, copy of their driver’s license, birth date, and other details.

Without this information, the criminal is stopped in their tracks and unable to create an account.

Non-Compliance Fines

Every licensed operator offering online sports betting must remain in compliance with local regulations. This includes KYC and identity checks.

When an operator is found to be non-compliant, a fine may be issued by the regulator. Fines can be pretty significant, in the five and six-figure range, in the hopes of pushing the operator to avoid such issues in the future.

KYC Checklist

  • Prep for KYC needs by gathering the documents needed to create an account.
  • Have your driver’s license or state ID nearby, as well as proof of address paper, such as a mortgage bill or bank statement if needed.
  • Place these items within reach to scan them and provide details when required by bet365.
  • A few documents may be needed upon sign-up, so it’s a good idea to gather the materials before you create an account.

Common Problem When Signing Up At Bet365 App

  • Verification Check Problems: You may encounter verification issues when creating an account. Third-party providers will review the information you provide and check if it is correct. You may need to enter the info more than once or send in documents to verify your identity.
  • Duplicate Account Message: Sometimes, players enter details such as their address or social security number and see a duplicate message. When this occurs, it is a sign that an account was already created in your name. Take time to think back and see if you have created an account in the past, as only one account per person is allowed. If you did not sign up for an account, someone else might have taken your information to create one. Speak with support if needed to solve the issue.
  • Authentication Issues: bet365 requires players to answer authentication questions based on the individual. When you create a new account and try to answer these questions, the wrong answer will keep you from signing up. Be sure to type in the answer correctly. If you still cannot log in, speak with support to try and figure out the problem.

Why Am I Being Asked To Verify My Identity?

Bet365 must verify your identity to ensure that you are of age to gamble and that you are the person signing up for the account.

Identity fraud is a real threat to consumers, and with the KYC process and ID verification, sports betting operators like Bet365 can protect players.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide My ID?

State regulations require online sportsbooks like Bet365 to complete ID checks. The goal is to ensure identity theft is not occurring and avoid other criminal activity such as money laundering.

Why Am I Having Trouble Verifying My Identity?

The issue is most likely due to the information within third-party vendors. Bet365 uses verification companies to review player information for identity checks.

Perhaps the vendor has an old address or another format of your name. Consider what other options might work and try it before contacting support for assistance.

Why Am IUnable To Verify?

If you cannot verify, it could be an issue with your driver’s license information or other details. When the verification process fails at Bet365, the site’s Verification of Age page pops up and prompts you to change the details.

Aristole and/or LexisNexis can be used up to three times to verify your information. If you fail all three times, the page takes you to another option to upload documents to complete verification.

What Is 2-factor Authentication?

The process of two-factor authentication is a method in which an added layer of security is connected to your online sports betting account.

A six-digit code is sent to your mobile device when you try to log in. Enter the code in the log-in area, and you are signed in.

This added layer of protection ensures that only you have access to the Bet365 account.

Why Am I Being Asked To Provide My SSN & Complete A W9 Form?

Bet365 is legally required to obtain a player’s social security number to confirm the identity of the individual based on state licensing regulations.

The information is secured and will not be used for any purpose other than verifying your identity. A W-9 form must be completed so that tax papers can be filed and payments made by the player if over $600 was earned from sports betting activity.

Why Am I Having Trouble Authenticating My Account?

Online sportsbooks use the authentication process to ensure a player’s identity. The details must be correct when adding your name, date of birth, address, and social security number.

Bet365 also includes knowledge-based authentication questions, of which three must be answered successfully. If you fail to answer these questions correctly, it may be an issue with the information obtained by third-party providers.

Consider trying alternative answers to the authentication questions to see if that works. If not, support should be able to help reset your questions.

Why Am I Getting A ‘Duplicate Account’ Message?

If you see the duplicate account message when signing up, it means that you have signed up before, either via a betting app or the desktop, or someone used your information to create an account.

Check your email accounts to see if you created an account with Bet365 in the past. If so, you can reset your password to log back in. Only one account per person is allowed.


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