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How To Bet NFL Props Bet365


Sadonna Price

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

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There’s no other betting alternative that matches the uniqueness of prop betting.

Thanks to the undefinable nature of prop bets, you can choose to focus on extremely niche markets.

With such freedom, bettors hoping to get the best prop bets need to go for sportsbooks that don’t limit their betting options.

Lucky for you, we’re here to lessen your burden by showing you the props that you can place on various sportsbooks.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll focus on Bet365 sportsbook – an international sports betting giant with years of experience. 

We’ll cover the major props you can place on the site, and we’ll also share some tips that will help you place profitable props.

How To Bet Props On Bet365 App

If you already have a Bet365 betting account, just follow these simple steps to place a prop bet:

  • Sign up and log in to the Bet365 app.
  • Choose the sport you want to bet on.
  • Head over to the specific game you’re interested in
  • Choose the type of prop you want to place.
  • Selected the prop category you’re interested in.
  • Choose your desired prop bet from the available options.
  • Enter your bet amount on the bet slip and place your wager.

Prop Builder

Prop builders are becoming increasingly common in the betting world.

Since prop betting is a boundless alternative, some sportsbooks give gamblers the freedom to create props focusing on their desired markets through the use of a prop builder.

Currently, Bet365 doesn’t have a prop builder, but they do have a close alternative: a bet builder. Using Bet365’s bet builder, you can build a unique single-game prop parlay by pooling prop bets from the same game.

What Is A Prop Bet?

Prop bets, short for proposition wagers, are extremely unique in nature.

Instead of focusing on the typical markets that bettors are used to, prop bets focus on the occurrence or nonoccurrence of unique, ultra-specific events.

For example, instead of focusing on the winner of a college football game, you can choose to bet on the number of touchdowns that will be scored during the game.

Props can literally be anything; truthfully, in most situations, the only limitation will be the range of props that your bookie offers.

bet 365 Player Props

If you have a knack for predicting player-related stats, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can place player props on Bet365.

While other types of props tend to focus on team-based or game-related stats, player props always focus on a single player’s achievements.

Essentially, you’re betting on whether a player will record or fail to record a certain stat.

If you’re interested in player props, here are a few examples of what such props look like:

  • Travis Kelce To Score A Touchdown (+100)
  • Jaylen Brown To Record Over 3.5 Assists (+145)
  • Raúl Ruidíaz To Score 2+ Goals (+150)

Clearly, all these props share a common theme; they focus on player stats.

In the first player prop, Travis Kelce simply needs to score a touchdown.

The second one, an NBA player prop, deals with assists.

Jaylen Brown just needs to record 4+ assists in such a prop. Lastly, Peruvian striker Raúl Ruidíaz simply needs to score 2 or more goals.

For example, let’s suppose you’re an NBA bettor who risks $200 on Jaylen Brown to record over 3.5 assists.

If the Boston Celtics player notches 6 assists during the game, you’ll win $290 and your total payout will be $490.

Team Props

When you place a team prop, your primary focus with such bets is on team-related stats.

This can be things such as goals, points, assists, touchdowns, just to mention a few.

The key thing to note is that the result of the game doesn’t matter; in most team props, the team you bet on simply needs to achieve the predicted total.

Here are a few examples of team props to help you understand how such bets work:

  • Utah Jazz To Record Over 110.5 Points (+200)
  • USA Over 3.5 Team Goals (+100)

If Utah Jazz scores 117 points, then a bettor who’d risked $150 on this NBA team totals bet can expect a profit of $300.

In the second bet, the USMNT needs to score 4 or more goals for the soccer wager to win.

If you risk $300 on the United States national team and they score 4+ goals during their game, you’ll end up with a profit of $300.

Game Props

Unlike team props, which focus on a single team, game props focus on occurrences and stats involving both of the competing teams.

Here are a few examples of game props that are commonly offered by Bet365:

  • Cincinnati Bengals To Win By 1-6 Points.
  • Over 4.5 Touchdown Passes In The Game?
  • Over 590.5 Passing Yards In The Game?
  • Both Teams To Score 20 Or More Points?

Novelty Props

We’ve already mentioned that prop bets are extremely unique and can be anything; novelty props perfectly exemplify this.

Instead of limiting you to in-game stats, sportsbooks offer novelty props to bettors to draw their attention to extremely niche markets.

Novelty props are exotic, and most don’t even concern the game.

Your bookie may not offer novelty props every game week, but they are common during huge sporting events like the Super Bowl.

Here are a few such examples:

  • Which Team Will Win The Coin Toss?
  • Total Number Of Songs Performed During The Halftime Show?
  • Brand A To Air The First Commercial?

Prop Betting Strategy

Sure, props are fun, but the real reason you’re placing them is to earn a profit.

To ensure that prop betting turns into a profitable venture, you need to be cautious in your approach and know all the betting rules.

Don’t just place props blindly; always have a strategy, especially if profit is your ultimate aim.

With that in mind, we’re going to offer you some tips that will help you place profitable props:

Follow The Stats

Many people tend to think that props can’t be handicapped, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most player props, team props, and game props deal with stats, so you still have to do your homework if you want to gain an edge over the bookie.

Luck-Based Props Aren’t Reliable

Luck-based props are exactly what they sound like prop bets that have a heavy reliance on luck.

Such props may be fun to place every once in a while, but since your handicapping abilities get thrown out of the window, you can’t rely on luck-based props to guarantee a profit.

Don’t Risk Too Much

Props are great and fun, but the truth is they are highly unpredictable since they vary from week to week.

For that reason, you need to limit the amount you invest in props and place it in other more profitable alternatives.

You can choose to focus on moneyline bets or point spreads instead of props since the variance associated with such wagers isn’t that high.

You can still incorporate a few props into your betting system, but they shouldn’t be the majority of the bets that you place.

Propositions is a perfect bet to include in your next same game parlay at Bet365.


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