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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

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A proposition bet, which is also referred to as a prop bet, is a type of sports wager where the outcome is not correlated to the overall result of the game.

Contrary to your cookie-cutter sports wager – moneyline, point spread, over/under/prop bets are endless in terms of amount and variety.

With prop bets, you can cater to your strengths as a bettor. If you have an edge with a player’s passing yards total, then you would focus on those.

The same could be said for home runs in baseball, an individual team’s point total and so much more.

There are even sportsbooks out there that allow you to create your own props or have a ladder system.

One of the best sports betting sites to wager on props is Barstool Sportsbook.

In this article, I will review all of the prop betting options that you will find at Barstool.

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How To Do Prop Bets On Barstool App

Placing a prop bet at Barstool Sportsbook is easy.

Below, I will go over the general steps on placing a prop bet at Barstool.

Whether you want to place a player prop bet, a team prop bet or a novelty prop bet, these easy steps will work to fulfill all of your prop wagering needs.

  • Sign up for an account at Barstool Sportsbook.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and find the sport endgame you want to place a prop bet within.
  • Once you decide on the matchup, you will then find the prop that you want to bet on and click on it.
  • Once you click on it, the prop wager will appear in your bet slip.
  • Once it is in your bet slip, input the amount you want to stake, review your bet
  • Click the “Place Wager” button and you’re on your way to cashing your ticket.

Prop Builder

A prop builder is a unique but rare tool that provides you with the opportunity to create your own custom prop bet.

While it sounds too good to be true, it is. Not all sportsbooks feature a prop-building tool. This tool is few and far between in terms of where you will find it.

If you happen to find a sportsbook with a prop builder, be sure to take advantage of it as you have the opportunity to create unique and favorable props that are not available to everyone.

You can really break the book with a prop builder tool. However, at the time of this writing, Barstool’s mobile sportsbook does not offer one.

What Is A Prop Bet?

As I said in the intro, a prop bet is short for proposition wager.

While a prop bet is a type of sports bet that is not focused on the overall outcome or the final score of the game, just about any other wager within a single game would fall into the prop betting category.

For example, a player’s shots on goal in hockey or soccer, when a team will call its first time out, and how many sacks in a game a team will get would all be viewed as prop betting opportunities.

There are even props out there that have nothing to do with the actual game. Instead, they are focused on happenings around an event like the length of the National Anthem of the Super Bowl.

These prop bets are called novelty or exotic props.

Novelty props are normally only found for a big-time event like the Super Bowl, but some sportsbooks will have these for an upcoming election or entertainment awards as well.

Barstool Player Props

A player prop is a type of prop bet that is centered around a player’s overall performance within a statistical category.

In order for your prop bet ticket to cash, the player you wagered on must execute the statistical feat you chose to place a wager on.

Below, I will give you some examples of player prop bets:

  • Lamar Jackson to score a rushing touchdown (+120)
  • Mike Trout to go Over 1.5 total bases (-145)
  • LeBron James to score Over 26.5 points (-110)

In the first prop bet, Jackson must score a rushing touchdown to cash your ticket. A passing touchdown will not count.

For the second wager, Trout must record at least two bases in a single game for your bet to win.

And in the third example, an NBA player prop, James must score 27 points for you to win your bet.

Again, none of those player outcomes have anything to do with the overall outcome or final score of their respective games.

Team Props

Like player props, team props have nothing to do with the outcome of the actual game.

And while player props are focused on a single player’s performance, team props are centered around an individual team’s statistical feats.

Here are some examples of team props that you will find at Barstool Sportsbook:

  • The San Francisco 49ers to record two interceptions against the Buffalo Bills (-110).
  • The Anaheim Angels will record Over 1.5 home runs against the Colorado Rockies (-145).
  • The New Jersey Devils will score Over 2.5 team goals against the New York Rangers (+150).

In your first example, the 49ers must sack the Bills’ quarterback 3+ times for your ticket to cash.

For the second, the Angels must hit 2+ home runs against the Rockies.

And in the third example, Devis must score 3+ goals against the Rangers for your bet to hit.

Game Props

Game props are types of prop bets that are geared toward happenings within an individual matchup. Again, these do not have anything to do with the final score or overall outcome.

Normally, game props are focused on unusual happenings and in-game stats within an event.

Below, I will list a few examples of game props that you will find at Barstool mobile sportsbook:

  • Will the New York Jets versus Jacksonville jaguars game go into overtime?
  • The New England Patriots will defeat the Kansas City Chiefs by 1-6 points.
  • The result of the Manchester United versus Man City game will result in a draw in the first 90 minutes.

Novelty Props

Who doesn’t love a good novelty prop?

Also referred to as an exotic prop bet, a novelty prop is a type of prop wager that has to do with a happening outside of a game.

Novelty props normally only come out for a big event such as the Super Bowl.

However, you will also find novelty props surrounding an upcoming election or an awards ceremony.

Here are some examples of novelty props:

  • The color of the Gatorade shower poured on the winning head coach of the Super Bowl.
  • The republican party will win the next election – don’t kill me here. I am just using this as an example. I stay away from politics.
  • The opening coin toss of the Super Bowl will result in tails.

Prop Betting Strategy

If you want to be a successful and profitable prop bettor, you must enter every bet with a strategy to help give you the edge over the book.

Below, I will give you my top prop betting strategies that I use every day:

Line Shopping

Would you bet James Harden to get Over 6.5 assists at (-110) odds at FanDuel when you can get (+100) odds at Barstool? Of course not!

You’d be leaving money on the table, which is why you must have multiple sports betting accounts at hand to make sure you’re getting the best lines and the best odds.


Like anything else, be sure to put in the time and the effort to make sure you are making the right prop bets. You don’t want to just bet on something blind without doing the research.

Especially with player stats or team props, you can get historical stats and recent trends just about anywhere right at your fingertips.

So why not use those analytics to your advantage?

If you put in the work, you will find yourself cashing more tickets and being a more profitable sports bettor in the long run.

Know What You Are Betting On

Prop bets are not as straightforward as a moneyline bet, points spread bet, or an over/under bet. All sportsbooks will have different betting rules.

Therefore, you want to make sure you understand what you are betting on.

Since all sportsbooks are different, they will grade out your bets differently according to their rule book.

If a player hits a home run on a pinch-hit opportunity, some sportsbooks will cash that bet. However, others won’t since that player did not start the game and your ticket will usually be void.

Rather than getting frustrated with the sportsbook, just read up on their rulebook to give yourself a better understanding of their grading system.

Propositions is a perfect bet to include in your next same game parlay at Barstool.

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