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How To Bet NFL Props Bally Bet App


Sadonna Price

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

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If you’re looking for a fun wagering alternative, props are quite literally your best bet.

With such wagers, bettors can focus on various distinct alternatives, ranging from player-related propositions and team-focused props to bets dealing with the extremely niche and peculiar.

And if approached wisely, prop betting can be a lucrative wagering alternative.

At Bally Bet, there are tons of props that bettors can place.

In this betting guide, we’ll focus on the main types of props available on the site, and we’ll also discuss a few helpful prop betting tips.

How To Bet On Bally Bet App

To place a prop bet at Bally Bet, you first need to create a betting account on the site.

If you already have one, just follow these simple steps whenever you want to place a prop:

  • Launch the Bally Bet.
  • Choose your preferred sport/league.
  • Head over to the game you’re interested in.
  • Click the option titled “more” to reveal other wagers.
  • Below betting options, you’ll see a list of proposition wagers.
  • Click on the odds to add it to your bet slip.
  • Jump over to the bet slip and enter your bet amount.
  • Click the red “Place Bet” button to confirm and place your prop wager.

Prop Builder

Due to the infinite nature of prop betting, some sites usually have a prop builder tool, which, essentially, helps bettors create and place custom bets.

So instead of having to go for the lines and options given to you by the book, with a prop builder, you’re free to create wagers that focus on your desired alternatives.

Needless to say, this is a convenient tool since the prop-building responsibility is placed in your own hands, guaranteeing you freedom like never before.

That being said, Bally Bet doesn’t have a prop builder, meaning that bettors have to rely on the options listed by the sportsbook.

However, the site could potentially opt for such a tool in the near future.

What Is A Prop Bet?

Proposition wagers—commonly known as props in gambling circles—are bets that deal with other unique aspects of a game rather than the final score or the game’s outcome.

That’s why props are also known as side bets, as they typically focus on things like in-game player stats as opposed to the winner of a game or whether a team will cover the spread.

Since prop betting is a boundless wagering alternative, props can manifest in infinite ways. As such, players should target betting sites that offer them as many prop betting opportunities as possible.

Player Props

Many bettors adore player props since such wagers give them the opportunity to focus on a player’s performance rather than backing the entire team.

As you can expect, the key focus of player props is on player-related stats, e.g., passing yards, touchdowns, assists, points, and a host of other player-centric stats.

Player props typically come with an over/under line, allowing bettors to choose the side of the wager they wish to back. You’ll also find player props that come in the form of yes/no propositions.

Here are a few common examples of player props that bettors can place in various sports:

  • Cam Akers Anytime Touchdown Scorer (+100)
  • Jayson Tatum Over 4.5 Assists (+145)
  • Kylian Mbappe To Score Over 2.5 Goals (+250)

Evidently, all the above wagers hinge on individual player stats. The NFL first bet, a player prop, focuses on Cam Akers.

The Los Angeles Rams running back simply has to score a touchdown during the game for the wager to pay out.

The second wager is an NBA player prop that deals with assists, in which Jayson Tatum has to get five or more assists.

Finally, France and PSG forward Kylian Mbappe must get a hat-trick for a bettor to win the soccer player prop.

For instance, let’s say you choose to back the anytime touchdown scorer prop (+100) and decide to wager $100 on it.

If Cam Akers successfully scores one or more touchdowns during the game, your $100 bet will return a $100 profit, bringing your total payout to $200.

Team Props

While player props focus on a single player, team props are the exact opposite.

In such wagers, stats are still the primary focus. However, as the name suggests, team-related stats are the core of team props.

As such, you’ll still be dealing with standard stats like goals, points, assists, yards per point, etc.

Team props can also be offered as over/under wagers or yes/no propositions. Here are a few examples of such props:

  • Boston Celtics Over 99.5 Points (+200)
  • Real Salt Lake Over 1.5 Team Goals (+100)

In the first team bet, if the Boston Celtics record 100+ points, then a punter who’d wagered $100 on this prop will end up with a total profit of $200.

The second bet is a soccer prop that deals with goals. For this wager to win, Real Salt Lake must score at least two goals (+100).

If the Utah-based team manages to achieve this, you’ll walk away with a $100 profit if you had initially risked $100.

Game Props

Instead of being team-centric or player-focused, game props often deal with stats and occurrences that involve both of the participating teams or the game at large.

If you want to place game props at Bally Bet, here are a few examples to show you what you can expect from the site:

  • Boston Celtics To Win By 1-6 Points.
  • Will There Be Overtime?
  • Which Half Will Have The Most Points? The First or the Second?
  • Both Teams To Score 105+ Points?
  • Over 6.5 Touchdown Passes In The Game?

Novelty Props

Novelty props are the perfect bets to go for if you want to spice things up, especially during high-level events like the Super Bowl.

Such wagers tend to deviate from the game, so you’re free to bet on anything under the sun.

Best of all, novelty wagers deal with extremely niche occurrences, so you don’t have to be a sports nut to place such a prop.

You won’t find novelty props every game week, but, as we’ve already mentioned, they are prevalent during the Super Bowl.

Here are some of the most common exotic props that sportsbooks serve up during the big game:

  • How Long Will The National Anthem Be?
  • How Many Songs Will The Half-Time Performer Sing?
  • Which Will Be The First Super Bowl Ad To Air?
  • The Color Of The Gatorade Shower.

Prop Betting Strategy

Even though props are fun, they still involve you risking your own money.

Like anything else in sports betting, you must approach it critically if profit is your ultimate aim.

If you want to succeed in prop betting, here are a few tips and strategies we suggest implementing.

Never Ditch The Stats

It’s important to always reference stats, even when you’re placing yes/no prop bets.

It may seem like stats aren’t necessary for this betting category, but most wagers will still focus on stats unless you’re placing luck-based props.

And the only way to beat the bookies is by conducting your due diligence.

Avoid Luck-Based Props

It’s perfectly okay to bet on the coin toss—or any other luck-based prop—every once in a while.

However, since these wagers have a heavy reliance on luck, a factor that’s entirely out of your control, you should try to limit them as much as possible.

Instead of placing luck-based props, search for wagers that you can handicap or ones that rely on your superb gambling know-how, as this will guarantee that the bookies will never have the edge over you.

Devise Your Own Prop Betting System

Quite literally, prop betting is a limitless betting alternative.

You don’t have to focus on options that don’t appeal to you or ones that you don’t excel in.

Through trial and error, you can develop a unique prop betting system that focuses on markets that favor your handicapping abilities, thus giving you a constant edge.

Propositions are a perfect bet to include in your next same game parlay at Bally Bet.


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