How To Bet Pick ‘Em On Underdog Fantasy

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Underdog Fantasy is quite a unique site.

Aside from being one of the few fantasy sports sites that let users bet on player props (also known as pick’ems), the site also allows players to create unique parlays using these picks.

You can parlay between 2 to 5 player props, though your payout will be based on the number of selections in your parlay rather than the odds of each individual pick.

If you go for two picks, you’ll earn a 3x payout, three picks will give you a 6x payout, four will result in a 10x payout, while a parlay with five picks will earn you a 20x payout.

Since Underdog Fantasy deviates from most typical sportsbooks, we’ve put together a parlay betting guide to show you what you can expect from this daily fantasy sports site.

How To Place A Pick ‘Em Bet On Underdog Fantasy

To build and place a parlay bet on Underdog Fantasy, you’ll need to stick to these steps:

  • Open the Underdog Fantasy app.
  • If you’re a registered Underdog Fantasy user, use your account details to log in.
  • Jump over to the site’s pick’em section.
  • Choose the over/under tab.
  • Pick one of the available sports, and a list of player props will appear.
  • Users have to select a minimum of two-player props and a maximum of five.
  • Next, jump over to the bet slip section and enter the amount you want to risk.
  • Once done, confirm your player prop parlay by clicking the “submit” button.

Parlay Builder

In most sportsbooks, a parlay builder is a tool that helps bettors build and craft same-game parlays.

Since Underdog Fantasy is a DFS site that mainly focuses on fantasy contests, you won’t find such a feature on the site.

What Is A Parlay Bet?

Parlays are wagers containing multiple selections—two or more—in the same betting ticket.

Since such wagers deal with several selections, the odds of all the picks are multiplied, giving bettors a boosted payout.

For example, let’s say you want to bet on two spreads, each priced at standard odds (-110).

If you placed both picks in a parlay, the odds would total to +264. Risking $100 on this parlay would earn you a profit of $264 if both teams covered the spread.

However, if you placed both bets as single wagers and risked $100 on each, you would end up winning a total of $181.82.

This is significantly less than the $264 profit from the parlay, and this doesn’t even account for the extra $100 that you risked with the two single wagers.

That being said, parlays are high-risk, high-reward ventures. For you to win your parlay, all your selections must be accurate.

Just one inaccurate selection and the entire parlay will be graded as a loss. So it’s quite easy to lose an 8-game parlay because of a single, unnecessary pick.

Same-Game Parlay

To build a same-game parlay, all your selections need to be drawn from a single game.

For example, you can combine a moneyline bet with a game totals wager.

Underdog Fantasy isn’t a sportsbook, so your same-game parlay options are severely limited.

However, you can technically create a same-game parlay by picking players who are playing in the same game.

For example, if Kansas City Chiefs are playing against Cleveland Browns, you can create an NFL same-game player parlay that contains players from one or both teams, like the one below:

  • Travis Kelce Over 89.5 Receiving Yards
  • Patrick Mahomes Over 290.5 Passing Yards
  • Baker Mayfield Over 266.5 Passing Yards

Player Parlay

A player parlay is a multibet that exclusively focuses on player props.

Though you can’t place other types of parlays on Underdog Fantasy, users who are into props will be pleased by this alternative.

Most of the individual selections will deal with common player-focused stats like passing yards, receiving yards, rushing yards, receptions, goals, shots on goals, etc.

When creating a player parlay on the site, you’ll need to choose a minimum of two-player props, while your parlay is capped at five picks.

Here’s a perfect example of a player parlay you can build on Underdog Fantasy:

  • Tom Brady Over 266.5 Passing Yards
  • Karim Benzema Over 2.5 Shots
  • Cooper Kupp Under 7.5 Receptions
  • Luka Doncic Over 31.5 Points
  • Travis Kelce Over 89.5 Receiving Yards

Since this is a pick 5 (a 5-leg parlay), if all your predictions are accurate, you’ll earn a 20x payout. So if you risk $50, you’ll win $950, and your total payout will be $1,000.

Moneyline Parlay

In a moneyline parlay, all the selected teams should win their respective games outright. This is a great option if you’re looking to pool together a couple of lowly priced favorites.

Unfortunately, you can’t build this type of parlay on Underdog Fantasy.

Point Spread Parlay

Point spread parlays purely focus on the spread. In such a parlay, each of your picks simply needs to cover the spread.

Favorites need to beat the handicap, while underdogs have the cushion of losing, but their margin of defeat shouldn’t be greater than the spread.

Again, this type of parlay isn’t available on Underdog Fantasy.

Over/Under Parlay

An over/under parlay deals with picks that focus on game totals.

Any bet on the over needs to surpass the bookies’ line, while in the case of an under, the combined total points need to be less than the set line.

On Underdog Fantasy, you can’t place an over/under parlay.

Parlay Betting Strategy

If you want to reap from parlay betting, you need to be cunning in your approach.

The easiest and best way to do so is by using the right prop betting strategies. To help all types of bettors, we’ve discussed a few key strategies down below:

Opt For Fewer Selections

When you stuff your parlay with too many needless picks, you end up increasing your risk.

Remember, one of those additional selections could end up being the cause of your parlay’s downfall. The best thing to do is play it safe by minimizing your selections whenever possible.

Parlays with around 2-4 picks aren’t just safe enough, but they also have a higher chance of winning when compared to parlays with 6+ selections.

Build Correlated Parlays

If you want to boost the odds of your parlay without sacrificing too much risk, you can do so by creating correlated parlays.

Essentially, in such parlays, the result of one selection is closely tied to that of another selection. So if one of the picks turns out to be accurate, it’s very likely that the other will also end up being accurate.

For example, let’s say you want to back Team A in a soccer match. Many of the team’s forwards are out, but you still expect the team to win the game.

The most likely outcome is that Team A will win the game, but it will end up being a low-scoring victory.

In such a scenario, you can build the following 2-leg parlay:

  • Team A Moneyline
  • Under 2.5 goals

If the team wins 2-0, you’ll end up profiting from this parlay.

Hedge & Cash-Out Your Parlays Whenever Possible

When your parlay is down to the last pick, you can hedge it by backing a contrary selection instead of being greedy.

This will create a win-win scenario where you’re guaranteed a profit regardless of the result of that last game.

Most sportsbooks also offer cash outs nowadays. If you’re offered a substantial amount, consider cashing out to secure a profit instead of letting the parlay ride.

Why don’t you include prop bets in your next same game parlay at Underdog Fantasy?