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The Data Inside the EDGE NRFI Betting Tool isn’t just specific to NRFI betting, it is ridiculously specific to making the most informed NRFI decisions possible.

Features to give you the EDGE

Dynamic VisualizationNRFI Specific Pitching Stats Player-specific pitching stats, including 1st Inning stats, and a starting pitcher's individual NRFI record. More than 10+ specific NRFI stats for all SP’s, to help you truly understand their NRFI capabilities.
Expert Prop ProjectionsNRFI Specific Hitting Stats Too often, we forget to analyze a team's offense. The EDGE NRFI betting tool details how a teams offense performs, specifically in the first inning, and how that offense can impact a NRFI bet.
AI-Powered SGPsAI-Generated Parlays Let our algorithm do its thing, and check out our daily AI-generated parlays. These are far from recommended wagers, but they are fun, and we enjoy chasing the long-shot dream.
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BestOdd NRFI works across desktop, tablet and mobile phones. So you will never miss that perfect NRFI matchup, and the BestOdds.

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