How To Pick A Sportsbook

How To Pick A Sportsbook

As the sports gambling world continues to expand all across North America, today’s bettor has access to more legal sportsbooks with exceptional technology than ever before.

With so many options now available at our fingertips, it can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing for a bettor to truly make sense of all the information and pick the sportsbooks that work best for them.

If you are a sports bettor in New Jersey, you have access to over 25 different legal sportsbooks currently. In Ontario, it is expected that there will be somewhere close to 50 legal operators by the end of this year.

The majority of these sportsbooks are all very reputable and boast great technology and even greater bonus offerings.

As recreational gamblers looking to work with a few of the many sportsbook options available, how can we begin to make the choices that meet our needs?

The good news is that is your best resource to help you choose the sportsbooks that are the best fit for you.

We provided extremely detailed and unbiased reviews on all the major operators in the industry including:

  • BetMGM
  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • Caesars
  • PointsBet
  • Many, many others.

Ready to learn how can help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing your sportsbooks?

Let’s Go!

Sportsbook Analysis is focused on being a trusted resource for gamblers of all skill levels and experiences.

Our goal is to provide the information and answers to the questions that arise for those who like to bet on sports.

With so many sportsbook options available, it can be extremely difficult for a bettor to be informed about all of them. This is where we have you covered. has done thorough, independent reviews for all the major sportsbooks broken down by location.

This means that as a bettor in Indiana, we are going to only provide reviews and analyses about only the operators who are regulated in your state.

When you arrive at the homepage, click on the tab at the top of the page titled The Best. Once you have clicked The Best, select the Sportsbooks option in the drop-down menu.

Once you select Sportsbooks, you will be asked to pick the state (or province) of your choice, making sure we only provide information that is relevant and of interest to you.

From there, you will have access to extremely detailed reviews for all of the major legal operators in your area.

Individual Sportsbook Analysis

When it comes to our sportsbook reviews, you can expect them to be detailed, informative, and broken down into several different sections, giving you an accurate view of the entire experience with a specific operator.

Operator Score Card:

The first thing a bettor will notice is our snapshot and sportsbook scorecard.

Just a quick glance will give you an understanding of our overall thoughts before we dive into the greater detail of each operator.

From there, our reviews will cover all types of important information including:

  • Account Registration Process
  • Quality of Betting Odds
  • Promos and Bonus Details
  • App and Website Experience
  • Sports Betting Markets Offered
  • Notable Features
  • Bet Maximum and Minimum
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Options
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Service Rating

Our sportsbook reviews are perfect for those who have some time and want to put a little bit of effort into understanding what each of the different operators has to offer.

These detailed reviews will walk you through our own experiences with each of the sportsbooks we have listed.

Compare Sportsbook Feature

If you are a bettor who has a couple of sportsbooks in mind and would like to do a head-to-head comparison between specific operators, then you are going to love our feature that allows you to easily compare operators.

When you log on to the homepage and hover over the tab at the top of the page titled The Best, the drop-down menu will provide you with a feature called Compare Sportsbooks.

This feature will allow you to see and compare all of the reviews, benefits, and scorecards for over 30 of the most popular licensed operators.

Are you interested in seeing how Caesars compares to BetMGM?

Or how about comparing our FanDuel review to our analysis of DraftKings?

Being able to quickly compare operators head to head has never been easier.

Our Sportsbook Comparison tool is perfect for the bettor who already has a few specific operators in mind.

The sportsbook reviews are laid out side by side with our analysis provided in a format that is easy to visualize and compare.

Compare Odds Feature

When your name is, one would think that we could quickly and accurately provide detailed odds comparison features across numerous sports.

The good news for us (and for you) is that we definitely do that and do it well.

When it comes to choosing a sportsbook that works best for you, we strongly suggest you do some homework and analysis on the odds different operators provide.

For those who are price-sensitive, several operators are working off a reduced juice model.

When we talk about reduced juice, we mean sportsbooks that are willing to take less of a percentage in comparison to the standard -110 Moneyline.

Some operators are willing to work off -107 and -105 odds when traditionally we would be expected to see -110.

Another important reason to use our Compare Odds feature is that odds routinely are different between sportsbooks for the same events.

When you price shop and bet using the best available odds, you make more profit than if you didn’t.

Need proof?

Our graph above quickly shows the profit differences between blindly betting No Run First Inning bets with three major operators.

Obviously, this is not a strategy we would recommend,

However, after 182 bets were placed, the difference between using FanDuel NRFI odds and DraftKings NRFI odds was $1000.

A thousand-dollar difference in profit margin after 200 bets simply by shopping for the Best Odds available is a compelling story.

As a bettor who is comparing sportsbooks, often we don’t spend the necessary time and effort to compare odds.

However, odds comparison can be an important differentiator between operators.

The odds comparison tool is perfect for those who want to educate themselves about the pricing being offered by the different operators.

Only by comparing odds and shopping for your best pricing can you truly maximize your profit potential.

Compare Welcome Bonus & Promotions

The legalization of the sports betting industry and the race for market share between the numerous operators means that today’s sports bettor has access to more welcome bonuses and special promotions than ever before.

When it comes to bonus options and different promotions being offered by sportsbooks, keeping track of all that information and getting an understanding of which ones are exceptional can be time-consuming and confusing.

Once again, has you covered. In the drop-down menu underneath The Best tab, located at the top of the page, click on the Compare Bonus feature and let us take care of all the tedious homework for you.

While you are on that page, please also take the time to educate yourself on the different types of promotions available and exactly how they operate.

Often when we are setting up a new account, we can be enticed by a flashy promotional headline but fail to read the fine print.

Along with allowing you to compare different promotions being offered by different operators, our Bonus Comparison page will educate you on some of the key features and things to look for when signing up for a promotion.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Rollover Requirements
  • How To Claim A Bonus
  • Risk-Free Bets
  • Sign-Up Bonus Offers
  • Matched Deposit Offers
  • Boosted Odds
  • Reduced Juice
  • And many other types of promotions

Whether you are an experienced gambler placing big bets or a recreational gambler making dollar-wagers, we are all looking for an edge against the sportsbooks.

There is no better edge for a gambler than free money and it is always a great business decision to take advantage of bonuses.

However, every time there is a bonus being offered, there are rules a bettor must follow to claim it. These rules and regulations can be buried in the fine print and often overlooked. has taken the time to provide information regarding all types of bonuses that are available in the marketplace today.

The best way to understand which bonus makes the most sense for you is to educate yourself on the many rules associated with each promotion and understand exactly what is being offered.

Licensed Sportsbooks Only!

At we have options for which of the sportsbooks we want to partner with and which operators we are willing to promote.

When you surf the website you will notice that we have many different partnerships in place with the most popular and reputable brands in the industry.

You will also notice that we are selective with our partners ensuring that we work exclusively with the sportsbooks that are regulated and legal to operate in each state.

Our reason for choosing to work only with the operators who are licensed and legal is because our whole business model revolves around providing options and information that is in a bettor’s best interest.

If you are a bettor and you aren’t using sportsbooks that are licensed to operate in your state, then you are taking on additional and unnecessary risk.

When a bettor has an issue or dispute with a legal sportsbook, there is a third-party authority that can unbiasedly settle the issue.

When a bettor has a dispute with an offshore sportsbook, there is no option to settle that dispute with an unbiased third party.

A bettor will always have to accept whatever the offshore sportsbook decides because there is no licensing authority policing offshore sportsbooks.

If a business like has a model built around working in the best interest of sports bettors, then partnering with those operators who are regulated and legal is our only option.