NBA Southeast Division Betting Odds 2023

NBA Southeast Division Betting Odds 2023

Probably one of the evenest divisions in basketball, the Southeast of the Eastern Conference is one to watch in 2021.

The Miami Heat are looking strong after a rollercoaster season. The Atlanta Hawks had a brilliant second half of the season. Their rebound was so strong it saw them overachieving into getting to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Washington Wizards also had to readjust from a dreadful start and got into the playoffs. However, it’s a whole different scenario that awaits them in 2021.

The capital has a new roster after trading PG Russell Westbrook away.

A competitive, intriguing team like the Charlotte Hornets will make a leap themselves. As volatile as their roster is, the Hornets can compete if health is not an issue, and that’s what they are rolling on.

As for the Magic, they had the second-fewest wins in the NBA and shipped their best player. They are entering the rebuilding phase. 2021 is not a season to go all-in on them.

2022 NBA Southeast Division Results

A competitive division all around. Three teams ended in the playoffs, while others competed in the play-in tournament.

The Hawks changed coaches mid through the season, and their basketball brand did a 180 turn. With Nate McMillan calling the shots, the Hawks finished strong, including a 7-3 run in the last 10. Thanks to this, the Hawks edged Miami to win the divisional title by just one game.

Ending with a 41-31 record, the Hawks entered the playoffs.

In the playoffs, PG Trae Young was on a whole different level. He silenced Madison Square Garden and got rid of the Knicks. After that, they beat the no.1 seed Philadelphia in seven games.

Their efforts were not enough against the Milwaukee Bucks, who beat them in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The second team in the division was the Miami Heat. Starting in a lackluster way, the Heat appeared to be doomed. They bounced back with a couple of runs late in the season, including an 8-2 in the last 10.

Part of the struggle was due to the little rest they had between seasons. The other is health. Their star, SF Jimmy Butler, missed 20 games. As their best scorer, missing him for that much time was a bad beat for Miami.

They also saw sophomore slumps for hot-handed guards like Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro. It came as no surprise they suffered a first-round exit in the playoffs.

The Wizards were the worst team in basketball for the first few months. Somehow, someway, the backcourt duo of Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal did enough to qualify to the play-in tournament.

They ended in the playoffs, but a first-round exit followed after matching up with the Sixers.

The Hornets ended the season in a 33-39 mark. They qualified for the play-in tournament but lost in the first game of it against the Pacers.

The only team who didn’t have playoff hopes in the division was the Magic. Ironically, it was below ordinary basketball that we saw from Orlando as they were a lackluster team.

They also said goodbye to their star C Nikola Vucevic at the end of the year, and SG Evan Fournier left halfway through the season. In other words, the Magic was dismantled.

Their two best players left, and it was a mess that showed. Vucevic wasn’t having it, and without Fournier, they lost one of the better scorers on the team.

2023 NBA Southeast Division Predictions

For 2021, it is a two-team show for the top, similar to what we had last season. At the end of the day, we’re talking about Miami and Atlanta. Both are Eastern Conference finalists in the last two years.

The Favorite

  • Miami Heat
  • Atlanta Hawks

Miami reinforced themselves with perennial All-Star PG Kyle Lowry, which should put them ahead of Atlanta. SG Victor Oladipo should be back and healthy, so that’s another big-time addition. Butler and C Bam Adebayo make it a fearsome starting five.

The Hawks will be hunting them, but the depth and experience are not on their side. Having one of the best PGs in the league is always a good thing.

Trae Young once again will shine for the ATL and guide them to a big season. With PF John Collins and C Clint Capela helping on the frontcourt will do wonders for them.

The Contender

  • Washington Wizards

The Wizards are a whole different team, though. Washington traded Westbrook away and got a lot of young pieces to surround the megastar that is SG Bradley Beal.

Joining Beal, PG Spencer Dinwiddie left the Nets and brings his handling ability to the capital. SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is going to be a decent sixth man for them.

The forwards’ department was also revamped, as Kyle Kuzma lands in DC to get action alongside sophomore Rui Hachimura. At the center, the pitbull Montrezl Harrell will grab the boards.

The Longshots

  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Orlando Magic

The Hornets drafted a star in PG LaMelo Ball. With Rookie of the Year honors, Ball hopes to take a leap in his second year. Charlotte has some talent to go with the ball distributor.

Guard Terry Rozier is a good scorer and can handle the ball with ease. At SF, Gordon Hayward showed flashes of what made him an All-Star a few years ago, if he stays on the court, Hayward could be a problem.

They brought in Kelly Oubre Jr. to add depth to the SF-SG department. Oubre comes at a low point in his career, trying to revitalize it.

Orlando is not going to be a fun team to watch. As a matter of fact, their roster is weirdly constructed. It’s all about development.

PG Cole Anthony and C Mo Bamba are exciting prospects. C Wendell Carter Jr. and PG Markelle Fultz can still be guided to fulfilling their potential. Players like the guards Gary Harris and E’Twaun Moore may hamper the potential of rookie Jalen Suggs as well.

It should be the second year of the rebuilding phase for Orlando.

How To Bet On NBA Southeast Division Winner

As a kicker, go and shop NBA lines to get the best odds for the bet you are placing. Why is it important? Because this can put more dollars into your account.

After you find the best odds, look for these three stats (odds, handle, and percentage of bets) to help you out.

The odds are what give you the margin of profit or risk you put on a wager. A minus sign prior to the odds number means you’re betting for a favorite. Hence, the number is the risk you lay on the line to get $100 as profit.

A plus sign means the wager is for an underdog. Therefore, the number shows the profit you’ll earn if you bet $100 on the line.

For example, Miami is +100 to win the division. A $100 bet on the Heat wins you $100 in return. This can also be described as even money. In other words, what you bet is even with the reward if the wager is a winner.

After that, look at the handle. This is the percentage of total bets a team gets to win the division. If the Hawks have a 75% handle, it means 75% of all money wagered in the Southeast Division winner is going to the ATL.

Clarifying, this doesn’t mean the Hawks have 75% of the bets coming in, but the 75% of the money that is wagered.

The last thing to watch for is the percentage of bets. This represents the number of bets—not the total amount wagered—that each team gets by the bettors.

For instance, let’s say the Wizards are getting 35% of the percentage of bets. On the other hand, they have 82% of the handle. This implies bigger bets are coming Washington’s way.

We recommend consulting NBA power ranking as another data point before placing your bets.

Step-By-Step To Bet On Divisional Winners

1. Log into your sportsbook account.

2. Select the betting NBA tab on the sports menu.

3. Choose ‘Team Futures’ from the drop-down menu.

4. Then, click on ‘Division Winner’.

5. Submit your wager from the bet slip window that appears on the right side of the screen.