Best Day For NRFI Bets

By Malcolm Darnley | July 7, 2022 8:14 AM

“If My Calculations Are Correct, When This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour, You’re Gonna See Some Serious S***.”

– Doc Brown, Back To The Future

As wacky scientists go, nobody was better than Doc Brown in Back To The Future. But after hanging out with Data_Josh the last couple of days, the great Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) has some competition.

When it comes to NRFI betting (No Run First Inning) and YRFI betting (Yes Run First Inning), nobody is tracking it better than, and you can see evidence of that right here.

Getting a chance to spend some days in the BestOdds lab talking NRFI’s with our boy Josh was cool.

Even better was watching him manipulate the keyboard when I asked the question; What is the best day of the week to make NRFI bets and why?

Below is the official BestOdds answer, courtesy of our very own mad scientist, Data_Josh.

Ok, the first thing I am sure you are all thinking is: “Malcolm, you said NRFI, and that is a YRFI graph.”

You are correct and well spotted by you.

Josh threw us a curveball, but the data was compelling enough that we let it slide. As you can see above, when it comes to YRFI betting, there is no better day from a winning percentage standpoint than Saturday.

Saturdays Are For YRFIs

Over 55% of all Saturday YRFI bets have cashed. That is a big number with 203 Saturday games played so far this year.

But winning percentages don’t pay the bills.

As you can see below, winning percentages don’t pay the bills, but sometimes they can be used to indicate that something very positive is happening.

If you were a $100 bettor and had blindly bet on every Saturday YRFI to score a run in the first inning this year, you would be up over $1500.

And for those who get excited about things like trend lines and performance consistency, after 3-months of Saturday data (200+ games), this one checks all the boxes so far.

As for the million-dollar question of whether there is reason to expect this trend to continue moving forward, and is there a reason why Saturday games might be more likely to cash YRFI tickets?

My initial thought revolves around afternoon vs. evening start times and if something is to be learned there.

However, that research will be saved for a newsletter down the road.

Friends Don’t Let Friends…

Imagine if you gave a buddy a real-life stock tip that was worth $1550 dollars, but you found out your buddy only cashed it for $800 because they didn’t want to open up multiple accounts to get paid.

I know. You would be a little frustrated with your buddy, right?

You want good things to happen to your buddy and thought you were gifting them a solid G and a half, but instead, they missed out on $750 in cash.

Friends don’t let friends leave money on the table.

As our graphic above clearly points out, if you were making YRFI bets through just one account instead of searching for your Best Odds with a few different sportsbooks, you left money on the table.

In one scenario above, you would have almost doubled your profit by giving yourself a couple more options to choose from.

I get paid to write about sports betting topics of interest and not to lecture, so I shall end it there.

Best of luck with all your picks and parlays this weekend, including all 15 of your YRFI bets this Saturday.